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Tâm sự của em Jimlea Nadezhda A. Mendoza, sinh viên chương trình tiên tiến, viết về một giờ Toán của GS Morales

Trong chuyến thăm, làm việc với Chương trình tiến tiến Trường Đại học Nông Lâm và giảng viên Bộ môn Toán – Khoa Khoa học cơ bản, Giáo sư Marcel Morales đã để lại nhiều ấn tượng và tình cảm tốt đẹp. Giáo sư Morales đã cho Thầy và Trò trường Đại học Nông Lâm thấy rằng Toán học không hề khô khan và khó khăn như những gì chúng ta thường nghĩ. Với ấn tượng đó em Jimlea, du học sinh Philippines, đã có đôi dòng tâm sự của mình về tiết dạy thú vị của Thầy - Giáo sư Morales.

Mathematics Subjects’ Anxiety weakens

          Mathematics is both exciting and hard but according to Busiri Jr. , a writer of this subject’s articles, “Mathematics provides students with a exclusively highly effective set of resources to understand and change the globe. These resources include sensible thinking, problem-solving capabilities, and the capability to think in subjective ways. Arithmetic is essential in lifestyle, many types of career, technological innovation, medication, the economic system, the surroundings and growth, and in public decision-making. Mathematics led to the perfect percentages proven in Rebirth artwork. The research of astronomy in the beginning times of its beginning required the development of our knowing of mathematics and created possible such understandings as the size of the world, our range from the sun, the fact that we center around it, and other findings that permitted us to move ahead in our body of knowledge without which we would not have any of our modern wonders of technological innovation.”

          It was December 5-6, 2013 when Dr. Nguyen Thi Dung introduced to AEP students (K43 and K44) Professor Marcel Morales from Grenoble, France. Altogether they stared back on Mathematics long time ago to understand the way of thinking of ancient populations, methods of working, how they construct the language, how they found the first mathematics in its most humble way (written actually in a clay tablets) and how ART is associated with this field. Dr. Marcel Morales , Dr. Nguyen Thi Dung  together with the presence other teachers provided lectures on Short Calculus. Then the next day was alloted to experience the birth of Mathematics, how ancient people operates their transactions in order to monitor their living by means of pictograph and cuneiform writing presented on clay tablets. It was really a pleasant training trying out cuneiform writing in a real clay. The professors  also gave lectures to the students of the University of Education with aid of AEP students to assist in performing the exercise.

          According to Dr. Morales, this movement is in order to understand deeply the present culture as it is the sum of thousand years and we have to thank all previous civilizations for all inventions that can help us now build a new world. As we can notice,  most of the exceptional developments are done with the application of Math in it. Likewise, this gave us the kind of learning experience primarily in order to use history of culture and ideas, in view of application exclusively for those students who are afraid of Math subjects based on their experiences.

          This will really certainly benefit students now and so in making their way to the future,  change the world and contribute in designing a new one.





Prepared by: Jimlea Nadezhda A. Mendoza

AEP - BS Envi. Science and Management

Exchange Student from Philippines

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